What is Rinktee?

Rinktee is a cloud punchout catalog that helps simplify item hosting for suppliers worldwide.


What is a Punchout?

A punchout catalog is a connection between a buyers procurement system and a sellers e-commerce site. A punchout helps suppliers provide real-time catalog information to buyers where buyers can select items online for their procurement application shopping carts. All this makes selling and buying a more efficient experience for both buyers and suppliers.


Why Rinktee?

Because Rinktee cares about its clients tremendously. We've simplified the punchout catalog product to be a cloud "software-as-a-service" so that suppliers can quickly upload and host items. Suppliers boost sales and take the selling experience to a whole new level.

Our mission:

Rinktee aims to simplify the punchout process and help businesses sell more product.


San Francisco, California