Punchout item list

Select which attributes to display in the main item list during the punchout.

The item list to display for the punchout is defined in, Views > Attributes as per the following example:

An example of how the item list is displayed in the punchout:

  • When a view is first created the default attributes that are displayed in the list are: ItemNumber, DescriptionShort, Category, Currency, UnitOfMeasure, Price.
  • The administrator can add or remove attributes to be displayed in the list. But if too many attributes are selected, then a scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the list to accommodate all the attributes. Best to use a short form for the attribute name which are managed in the View session.
  • The administrator can also determine which attributes are visible in the item details. This feature is valuable when using tiered pricing or when certain fields are not to be displayed to the punchout user.