1) Is the CategoryName or the CategoryCode a key field that requires a unique value?

  • The CategoryName and the CategoryCode both are key fields that uniquely identify the item on the category tree. The CategoryCode has to be unique throughout the whole file, but the CategoryName can be repeated as long as the duplicate CategoryName exists on a different branch, not on the same branch, and the CategoryName uses a unique CategoryCode.


2) Why am I not able to edit a category?

  • Categories are grayed out (non-editable) when items are loaded against the category.
  • To edit or delete the category, first re-assign the items to another category, or delete all items associated with the category to make the category editable.

Category greyed out  (items are loaded against the category):

Editable category (no items are loaded against the category):


3) Why is the category not visible for the item in the catalog after import?

Categories are created for the catalog in the category session and then the same category is found in the CSV file. If the category is misspelled then the category will not be displayed correctly for the item in the catalog.

There are two options in resolving this:

  • One, correct the spelling of the category in the CSV file to match the spelling of the category in the catalog and reload the file.
  • Two, correct the spelling of the category in the catalog to match the spelling in the CSV file, without needing to reload the CSV file, then the category will automatically be displayed correctly for all the associated items.


4) Can I use special characters in Category names?

  • No, only use letters, numbers and , (comma), no other special characters for category names.
  • By using special characters there is a possibility of unexpected results during upload or when categories are displayed in the punchout.


5) Do I need to re-enter the CategoryCode in the CSV file if a CategoryCode already exists in Categories list?

  • The CategoryName and the CategoryCode both have to be entered for the item on the item CSV file.


6) Do I need to enter a CategoryDomain when I upload the item CSV file?

It is not neccessary to enter the CategoryDomain in the CSV file. The following rules apply as to how the CategoryDomain is treated:

  1. If the item catalog has the CategoryCode and CategoryDomain present, then those values will be used in the cXML PunchOutOrderMessage.
  2. If only the CategoryCode is found in the item catalog (no CategoryDomain), then the domain will default to "UNSPSC" along with the item CategoryCode being used in the PunchOutOrderMessage.
  3. If there is no CategoryCode in the item catalog (or in the category file), then the Classification tag will not be sent in the PunchOutOrderMessage.