1) How can I restrict what the punchout user sees?

Filtering catalog items are done within the Views session. If you have 100,000 items but only 3,000 are categorized as office supplies that only certain users have access to, then a view based on office supplies would be required.

a) In Views, click Add view.

b) Complete entries.

 c) For the new view, click Attributes.

d) Click Edit for the attribute that that needs to be filtered. For this example select the attribute Category.

e) Enter in the Included text box the name of the category. If there is more than one category then separate the categories by a comma and a space.

f) Click Update Attribute, and the Included column will now contain a check mark for Category attribute.

g) Now when the user first enters the punchout or clicks All categories, only "Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Paper Materials and Products" will be displayed for that view.

If the requirement is to have multiple views for the catalog, then for each specific view to be enabled in the punchout, a distinct user needs to be created and assigned to that view.

For example, if we need a view for "Mexico - Chemicals", we would create another user called mx_chemicals and assign the view "Mexico - Chemicals" to the user mx_chemicals.