Adding Item images

  • Item images uploaded to the site are available to all catalogs for that site.
  • There is no need to specify the location of the image other than the filename and filetype, ex: "someimage.jpg".
  • Images can be any of the following types: gif, jpg, png.
  • Image file names are CASE SENSITIVE.
  • All images are uploaded in the Images session.

Note: The following sequence is followed in determining which Image "Description" is used in the punchout.

  • The image Description found in the catalog is used first in the punchout catalog.
  • If no image Description is found in the catalog, then the image Description used in the image maintenance page is used in the punchout catalog.
  • If no image description found in the catalog or in the image maintenance page, then no image Description is used in the punchout catalog.

(This same sequence applies to the Attachment "Description").